How to achieve perfect skin: my tips

18 de febrero de 2016

"Less is more" as we speak about the skin, a year ago i  started with my dermatologist, and was the best choice I could make.

I have sensitive skin, so i can`t use any product, but like any teenager i used to use my mom's cream and products secretly. I used to grab her masks, antiaging creams, thinking that it was nice for me, and when we are young we love to use and apply ourselves all, we see our mothers, in the movies when the girl wears a mask while watching a movie and cryes after a breakup, but we have to wait a few years for doing that.

I'm 20 so for me is time to start worrying about taking a  good care of my skin, because what you do at this stage will influence the future, while 50%  is genetic and the other 50% is divided on how you take care of the skin on the inside and out. So in this post I'll give you some tips and products that I learned over the years, hope you like it!


My first advice  is to go to a dermatologist, at least once a year, because beyond what I can recommend or read in a magazine she will know which product is right for your skin type.
Mine is a genius, she has helped a lot she has gave me the specific things and  warned me not to use anything on my skin, my mom always told me so but i dont know why we dont pay atention to our moms (sorry maa ).

cetaphil lotion cleanser dry and sensitive skin 

The main thing is to find the best cleanser for your type skin, I use Cetaphil, and love it. there are two types for oily and dry skin, although my skin is more oily i I use the dry and sensitive, and plus it is that removes makeup and if you're lazy like me on taking out the makeup at night this is for you, when I'm sleepy I apply it in the shower and go out without a trop of makeup.what is great  is that it comes in large pots so it last more.

sinac adapalene 0,1 gel 

Since I started adolescence have black spots in my  nose, and before i used touch them (Do not do this, after this i wakeup with a huge spot on my nose) and from the middle of last year my dermatologist gave me this gel which is an acid that is applied in the nose at night, you start to see the results after a month but certainly after waiting, my nose looks more healthy and bright, im still using it but the account of th black spot has descrease.

Dr. Velia Lemel pear and peach day mousterizer.

This cream is from the center where I go to the dermatologist, so you cant buy it anywhere unless there, but is a common cream very light, for all skin types, i usually apply it  at night because i forgot in the morning...

sunscreen 50+ ISDIN fusion fluid sensitive skin.

and finally one of the most important things SUNSCREEN  Since I started using the gel for black spots as a combo i started using sunscreen, I used to use only in the summer when I was getting into the pool, but my dermatologist told me if not used my nose was going to have more sunspots since is most sensitive of acid, and from there i got shokck and do not go a day without using it.
Since i started using it, i notice my  skin more bright and my skin more evenly.
Minimum i use of 50, because once I heard on TV that under this number does not work, i use the sunscreen from ISDIN i 100 percent recommend this, i love it, its not heavy, and it absorbs really fast so your skin doesnt look oily and shinny.
I apply it in the morning, and during the day i apply it again, unless im wearing makeup, so there i use it before the normal makeup.


Resist on using the mask or antiaging cream from your mother,  because you do not know how it will react and can leave marks for life, or you  your skin is get used to it and when you need it really is not going to work so enjoy the age that you got and you prune creams use !!

If you forgot to apply sunscreen before the makeup its okay, makeup protects you from the sun just as the susncreen.

Hope these tips has help you? how is your skin rutine? do you know another tip??

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