makeup inspiration: Adriana Lima look for the met gala

15 de mayo de 2015

Helloo!! for today post i have a makeup tutorial inspired by the look of adriana lima at the met gala
 (click here to see it), its not the same same, i just got inspired by her, and change the color lipstick, and this is the result...

holaaa!! Para esta semana tengo un tutorial inspirado en el maquillaje de adriana lima para the met gala!! 


1) apply black eyeliner as a base
2) apply in the lid grey eyeshadow (72 amazing grey - estee lauder)
3) apply from the middle of lid to the outer lid and crease black eyeshadow ( metallic shimmered black - lancome), after this apply the same eyeshadow in the outer lower lash line.
4) apply black eyeliner under the lashline
5) apply silver eyeliner in the tear duct.
6)finally apply mascara.

1)aplicar como base delineador negro
2) aplicar sombra gris en todo el parpado movil  (72 amazing grey - estee lauder)
3) en la v externa, pliegue y parpado fijo aplicar sombra negra ( metallic shimmered black - lancome) y aplicar las misma sombra en la linea de las pestañas inferiores.
4) delinear la linea de agua del parpado superio.
5) aplicar delineador o sombra color plata en el lagrima.
6)finalmente aplicar mascara de pestañas (diorshow iconic overcurl)


For my lips i have use a red lippencil, and then i apply like a purple dark red, kind a hard to explain, i take pictures but the color was not the same in the picture, so i think that its better if you look for it. is the L'ABSOLU NU parme flanelle 310 - lancome 

Para mis labios primero use un lapiz labial color rojo para rellenarlos y luego aplique, encima un labial como violeta pero a la vez bordo, y cuando lo aplicas es traslucido y a la vez cremoso, le saque foto pero no se notaba bien el color, por lo que me parecio mejor que lo busquen, esL'ABSOLU NU parme flanelle 310 - lancome 


For my skin i have use natura concealer, and i have mix 2 foundations tent miracle foundation by lancome and color adapt by max factor. and i have only use my loreal bronzer for contour.

Para mi piel use mi corrector de ojeras de natura, y mezcle dos bases diferentes, base tent miracle de lancome y color adapt de max factor, y aplique un poco de bronceador para dar un toque de contorno.

i hope you like it!! did you like adriana's look??
espero que les haya gustado? ustedes que opinan del look de adriana!?

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  1. Beautiful! Martina, you are so good with makeup. Keep up the good work!

  2. Looks great! Check out my new post.

  3. Great post! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Love this look on you, very classic with a modern twist.

  5. I LOVE YOU! you re so beautiful, and this makeup looks amazing on you.