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13 de abril de 2015

Estoy muy feliz de saber que alguien conoce mi blog y no soy solo yo, ayer me sorprendi bastante al entrar a la seccion de comentarios y ver que la genia de OTTERLYME me habia nominado para el liebster award por primera vez! luego de averiguar de que se trataba esto, me di cuenta que es una gran manera de conocer nuevos blogs y a la vez de hablar sobre uno mismo sin sonar egocentrico jajajaja

Ive been so happy since i found out that someone besides me knows my blog, yesterday i recieve a commet where the lovely OTTERLYME has nominated me to the liebster award; this is the firts time i see it, and after doing my research, i found out that is a really cool way to discover new blogs and talk about yourself without being self-centred hahah

If you want to know more about me just click more ;) | si queres saber mas sobre apreta more y segui leyendo ;)

11 facts about me / 11 cosas sobre mi

1. im 5'5 / mido 165
2. when i was six i lived in Winnipeg Canada / cuando tenia 6 vivi en Winnipeg, Canada
3. since im 8 years old ive played the violin / desde los 8 toco el violin.
4. i love acting, doing weird faces and differents accents / me encanta actuar, hacer caras raras y hacer diferentes acentos.
5. its really difficult for me to pay attetion, my mind is always in another planet / es muy dificil para mi prestar atencion, mi mente siempre esta en otro planeta.
6. i prefer staying home watching movies than going out / prefiero quedarme en mi casa viendo peliculas que salir.
7. i always change the licrys of the songs, i do my own remix / siempre modifico las letras de las cancionesn digamos que hago mi propio remix
8. i only drink hot chocolate and vainilla latte on starbucks (with soya milk) / en starbucks solo tomo leche con chocolate y vainilla latte (con leche de soja)
9. im really sensitive, i cry even when i laugh / soy muy sensible, y lloro hasta cuando me rio
10. i love the big bang theory, star trek and starwars / amo the big bang theory, star trek y starwars.
11. i become recently a big fan of the lego movie / me volvi adicta a la pelicula de lego


1. short story behind your blog's name!

Actually theres no story, is my real name. i dont have creativity when it comes to blogs names lol

En realidad no hay historia detras de este nomre, es mi verdadero nombre. Tengo muy poca creatividad para los titulos jajaja

2. do you have any siblings?

yes, i have a sister 5 years younger than me. / si tengo una hermana 5 años mas chica.

3. your bloguer-crush? 


4. if you could get three items from your favorite designer(s) (not shops), which ones would you choose?

elie saab dres - alexander mcqueen ring - chanel bag

5. what would you prefer - sleep late or wake up early but take a nap later during the day?

mmm i think that i prefer wake up early and take a nap later, because i always wake up early, but rarely take a nap...

prefiero levantarme temprano y despues si puedo dormir siesta!

6. If you could master one skill, what would it be?

be able to talk differents languages. / poder hablar perfectamente muchos idiomas.

7. your best and worst blogging experience yet? ofcourse, if you have any and want to share it.

the best is when i receive my firts comments and the worst when i lost the pictures of a post.

La mejor cuando recibi primer comentario y la peor cuando se me borraron todas las fotos que tenia para un post.

8. what future plans do you have for your blog?

maybe start a youtube channel. / talvez, empezar un canal de youtube.

9. what fashion risks would you be willing to take?

getting my hair cut like this / cortarme el pelo asi

10. your musical guilty pleasure

broadway and disney songs!! / canciones de musicales y disney

11. quality or quantity?

QUALITY is always better in every aspect of life. / la calidad es siempre lo que importa para mi.

so finally i have finish the Q&A, and now its my turn..
im nominating the following: helloscally - imenbrahim - thatsokawaii - overthebridgebee - ownleistion - luvelylittlelulladoll

my questions are:

1. why did you start your blog? / porque empezaste tu blog?
2. what inspires you? / que te inspira?
3. who is your fashion icon? why? / quien es tu idolo en la moda? porque?
4. whats your favorite movie? / cual es tu pelicula favorita?
5. what re you reading right now? / que estas leyendo en este momento? did you come up with ur blog name? / como se te courrio el titulo de tu blog?
7. if you had to learn a new language, what it would be? / si tuvieras que aprender un nuevo idioma, cual seria?
8. whats your dream job? / cual es tu trabajo soñado?
9. who is your celebrity crush? / quien es tu celebrity crush?
10.  whats your favorite food? / cual es tu comida favorita?
11. dog or cat? / perro o gato?

so thats all the post, im missig 4 bloggers so if you want me to nominate you just live the comment below and i will add you to the list ;D
  Bueno ese es todo el post, me faltaron 4 bloggers, asi que si quieren que los nomine dejen su comentario y los agrego a la lista ;D

love you

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  1. i love the big bang theory too, sheldon is my soul mate <3 <3 <3
    xoxo melissa

  2. So cool! :) Loved reading your answers, in both languages :D xo

  3. you are amazing girl! i lovee you
    kisses from italy
    xx, fiora

  4. Awww you're so cute!! And joe it's a cutie too aw
    Thank you so much for nominating me, I'll try to answer as soon as possible :)