SURE! - item of the week + healthy sandwich

5 de marzo de 2015

Ive been so in love with this sweatshirt since i bought it yesterday. I found it on a local in capital
federal for only 300 and is from H&M and thats something cheap here in argentina for this brand and quality.
I love th color and is so soft, that i would use it eve for sleep. When i saw it the first thing that caught my eye was the phrase on it "sure", a phrase that i use a lot!!!

Desde ayer que estoy enamorada de este buzo. Lo encontre en un local de capital federal a solo 300 pesos, algo muy barato para ser importado y de H&M.
Me encanta el color y es tan suave la tela, que dormiria con el si me fuera posible. Cuando lo vi lo primero que me llamo la atencion fue la frase "sure", una frase que uso todo el tiempo.

 I have found the recipe of this healthy sandwich and its so delicius, it only has tomatoe, lettuce, avocado and cucumber. Its a cool idea for those days that you feel a little bit lazy and dont want to cook... ;)
Encontre la receta de este sandwich que es saludable y a la vez tan rico, solo lleva tomate, lechuga, palta y pepino, con estos 4 ingredientes vas a estar lleno y con energia durante todo el dia... ;)

So what do you think about this swatshirt, do you like it? would you try this recipe?
 Que opinan de este buzo, les gusta? probarian esta receta?

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4 comentarios:

  1. Amazing pics! ure so pretty

  2. i hate avocado but maybe some day i will try it! love ur tshirt...

  3. Beautiful :) M&MFASHIONBITES